How to Accommodate a Grown Child Living at Home

America is changing, and people like you are trying to adapt. For a long time, grown kids were taught to leave the nest pretty early, but more and more millennials are opting to stay home and save money. This is not necessarily abnormal. Many cultures around the world encourage grown kids to stay home, but it is new in this country. The following are a few ways you can accommodate your grown young man or lady if he or she is staying home a little longer.

Basement or Attic Option

The basement and the attic are two places that your child can stay so that he or she can free up a room. It gives your kid a little more privacy but also gives you more privacy. It may be a good idea to ensure that these locations have private exits to give this young person a little more freedom. Of course, converting one of these rooms into a livable space should be a family effort, so make sure to ask him or her to contribute in some way. Those with a large basement or attic should have an easier time converting this room, but be patient it will take some time.

Garage Conversion

It is true that both the attic and basement can be a little uncomfortable for a number of reasons. For example, the attic’s overall construction is sometimes a little awkward since the roof is over it, making it a hard room to get used to. Basements are sometimes a little damp, so the next solution you can try is the garage. Converting the garage can be a little tricky, but it does allow the young person to have more privacy. It may be a good idea to insulate the garage and add a private exit instead of the garage door among other updates. Be sure to update the electrical system within the garage because all those smart devices will need an electrical plug.

Cozy Shed

Okay, so you do not really like any of the aforementioned ideas, but you still want to figure out this issue. There are a number of other things you can do, like look for sheds for sale. These are usually pre-fabricated and designed in a way that could fit any home style. These sheds are delivered to you and placed on your property. All you have to do is help this young person make the place livable. It is a great way to give everyone a little privacy. It also gives the young person a sense of what it is like to live on his or her own. Make sure that you let him or her truly fend for him or herself while living back there.

These ideas should work for everyone, but make sure to discuss honestly so that you can get to a solution that works for everyone. Yes, it may be hard to get adjusted to this new way of living, but that does not mean it is impossible. Give yourself and your family some time to adjust and, before you know it, it will all be normal.



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